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Pedestal Desk with a Drawer-line and a 3-Drawer Unit Example using mixed base units

You can create a desk to be made to measure in many sizes with any of the base units as pedestals.
Select your own components from the carcasses page

  • Select your left-hand pedestal from our base units, with fronts and a top (1)
  • Select your right-hand pedestal from our base units, with fronts and a top (2)
  • Select a top (3) with width of 520mm and length equal to the gap between the pedestals - we will then combine the 3 tops to form a continuous desktop

Example using a standard drawerline base plus a standard 3-drawer base units:

  • The height includes a 50mm plinth and sides to the floor, one pedestal requires a 140mm drawer front and a 510mm door, the other pedestal requires 1 x 140mm and 2x252mm drawer fronts.
  • Please indicate side for the drawer unit.
  • Available here with 450mm wide pedestals and 500mm or 600mm gap between the pedestals. (1400mm or 1500mm total width)
  • The Unit is supplied with standard 'Meta Box' drawers with Soft-close mechanisms which can be exchanged for Push-to-open. See selection box, below.
  • We can also supply these units edged with a 2mm vinyl strip which gives a high quality finish to the MFC. See selection box, below.
  • These items can be made in a variety of colours. We have identified the closest matches for most of our door colours to help you in your selection.
  • For a detailed carcass specification please see our Carcass Information.


Note that Jayline doors are temporarily only available in standard sizes.

Please select below to see the Price incl. VAT : £

Carcass Finish
Dimensions in mm (H x W x D)

If the size you need is not on the list please select the next size up AND enter any custom dimension(s) in the boxes below

Drawer Side
Drawer Option
Vinyl edge

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