Best wardrobes to keep your bedroom tidy this spring

Transform your bedroom with custom built wardrobes from DIY Homefit

Spring is around the corner and many of us feel the need to start sorting out our homes. It can feel as if we are coming out of hibernation, ready to face whatever challenges are awaiting for us.

Kitchen trends for 2020

Transform your kitchen with diy kitchen units from DIY Homefit

2020 is well under way. Many of us started the year determined to make various improvements to our homes. So now is the time to get on with it!

Ready .. Steady .. Pancakes!!

Improve your kitchen in 2020 with DIY kitchen units from DIY Homefit

So February is here, which means only one thing. Pancake Day!

Pancake Day – properly known as Shrove Tuesday – happens on Tuesday 25th February this year. It is the last day before Lent, the period of 40 days leading up to Easter…

Declutter your home in 2020

Perfect storage solutions with custom fitted wardrobes from DIY Homefit

According to recent research by YouGov, 27% of us in the UK were planning to make New Year resolutions for 2020. But what do people actually resolve to change? The most common resolutions are – predictably – related to health, diet and fitness. But 11% of people have also included improving their homes in New Year’s resolutions either this year or in previous years.

Get Creative this Christmas!

Upcycled DIY Christmas decorations

While you’re at it, why not upgrade your kitchen with replacement kitchen doors from DIY Homefit? Why? At DIY Homefit we are passionate about using resources wisely to protect the planet – as outlined in our recent article Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

Care for the environment with replacement kitchen doors from DIY Homefit…

You are probably already familiar with the phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It summarises the effort that we all need to make in terms of being more environmentally friendly and live sustainably.

What to pack for Uni..?

Student storage solutions: sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit.

So the great day is approaching when your son or daughter is off to Uni? First of all, congratulations on their success, but also we know what a huge change it will be for all of you.

Is it time for a duvet day?

Your best bedroom ever

Perfect for those lazy Sundays or enviable ‘duvet days’ – finished off with custom fitted wardrobes from DIY Homefit. But what is a ‘duvet day’ anyway?

Is your house like a hotel?!

Stylish bedrooms with sliding wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit…

“You treat this house like a hotel” is the all-too familiar cry of any parent with teenage children. And indeed, it can sometimes feel like that, with expectations of laundry being done, food of choice being provided, additional guests accommodated at the drop of a hat, and of course the essential super speed WiFi!