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Tall Corner Shelves Wardrobe End Shelves

  • These Tall Corner Shelves can be made in any height up to 2400mm high (excl. legs), any depth up to 680mm deep and any width up to 300mm wide. They have 5 fixed shelves.
  • Supplied with 100mm legs or alternatively with the side-walls down to the floor and a 100mm infill plinth to fit the front. Note that ordered height excludes the legs or plinth.
  • Please select whether the Corner Shelves should be on the Left or Right side (the drawing is of left-hand shelves).
  • Back, side and shelves supplied loose for home positioning and drilling.
  • For a detailed carcass specification please see our Carcass Information.

For custom sizes please select the next size up in the Dimensions box and enter the required Sizes in the appropriate boxes.

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Carcass Finish
Dimensions in mm (H x W x D)

If the size you need is not on the list please select the next size up AND enter any custom dimension(s) in the boxes below

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Custom Size - depth in mm
Custom Size - width in mm
Which side

Please select whether the unit sits on the Left or Right side of a unit

Sides to floor and plinth

This item stands on 4 or 5 legs, please identify if you would like the side walls to extend down to the floor and a fill-in plinth for the front.


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